Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Alcohol & Drug Treatment | Temecula, Ca

What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is an experiential therapeutic process that despite common misconception, it has NOTHING to do with horsemanship! You do not need to even like horses to benefit from this experience. The equine therapy is conducted with a team of a horse professional working with a licensed mental health professional. 

The horse becomes a metaphor which dramatically brings to light the dynamics in the family and promotes communication. This is especially valuable to the progress of family members who have difficulty identifying the real issues and expressing genuine feelings. 

The horse also assists in making individuals aware of their emotional state as the horse responds in reaction to their behavior. 

Through working with the horse, one can gain insight into their feelings, behaviors, patterns, congruency, boundaries and stumbling blocks to recovery

Program Rates

  • 1 ½ Hour Individual Session-$100
  • 2 Hour Family Session- $200
  • 2 Hour Group Session (4 or more people) - $75/person Equine
  • Therapy Weekend- One Day: $600
  • Two Day: $1,200

We Accept Most Major Health Insurance Plans.

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I would highly recommend Hill Recovery. As an adolescent I came in unwillingly, not wanting to be sober, and was in denial about having a problem and that I was just going through a "teenage phase." It sounds so cliche, but I really learned so much from this program and the peers around me.  

K.S. / 2016


Such a wonderful program. The staff is so positive, they always made me feel comfortable. 

Roberta M. / Patient

Roberta M.

It worked wonders for me. I am very happy with the program. God bless. Thank you all for everything.

Steven V. / Riverside, Ca

Steven V.