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Below find the Hill Recovery Video Treatment Series. Videos are $29.99 and available for purchase by calling 951-719-3685

Nature of Addiction

In this video Rocky Hill, MA, CADCII gives a firsthand explanation of the negative consequences of addiction. Using anecdotal humor and a friendly conversational style, Rocky Hill exemplifies his own journey through addiction to recovery, leading to an explanation of the nature of addiction by helping viewers understand what causes addiction and provides a starting point for recovery.


As family members caught in the cycle of co-dependency, it is very important to recognize the role of the enabler. In this video you will be informed and inspired as Deb Hill, RN, CADC, looks at the reasons why enablers try so hard to compensate for their loved ones addictive behaviors and what makes it possible for them to recover from their co-dependency. Mrs. Hill explores the emotions common to enablers and the behaviors they exhibit as the make an effort to compensate for their loved ones addictive behaviors.

Dysfunctional Family Rules and Roles-

Chemical dependency is a family disease. Family members learn to adapt by assuming roles and characterizations that help them deal with the dysfunction in the family system in order to survive emotionally and live with the dysfunction. Debbie Hill, RN, CADC, takes this opportunity to describe these roles and provide life changing recovery tasks for each of the four major dysfunctional family roles.


All recovery begins with surrender. Rocky Hill, MA, CADCII, explains in this video what it means to fully surrender and hwo that one word is the basis of recovery and enhancing quality of life.

Cross Addiction

Problems arent just limited to the drug choice made by the persons dealing with addiction. Rocky Hill, MA, CADCII, a certified drug and alcohol counselor, explains just how cross addiction and the use of substitute psychoactive chemicals interfere with the recovery process, creating new addiction problems for even the most well intentioned patients.

Nature of Change-

The fundamental elements of human change are outlined by our basic need to live in the here and now. The discomfort created when we are stuck in the future or past are also attributed to the fundamental elements of human change. Debbie Hill, RN, CADC, helps viewers identify a sense of purpose and forgiveness as she clarifies the universal need to reverse the roles of the dysfunctional family system and begin to talk, feel and trust once again.


In this video Debbie Hill RN, CADC, describes some of the typical patterns of communication. By developing a new and unique mode of communicating we can move beyond the focus on others and once again gain power through the ownership of our own attitudes, feelings and behaviors.

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome/Suboxone

Specific drugs have had very specific effects on brain chemistry and circuitry and Rocky Hill, MA, CADCII, takes a moment to addresses the brains process of letting go of those effects. This video highlights how addiction can be more than a choice and explains how specific drugs affect receptor sites and neurotransmitters. Here Rocky offers a sense of relief for those who are afraid that their drug use has removed any hope of having a normal brain again. Rocky briefly explains the new hope offered by medication assisted treatment, like Suboxone. Rocky explains just how opiates affect the brain and how Suboxone works.


With her ability to captivate the audience, Debbie Hill, RN, CADC, shows how to feel the pain of unresolved resentments. A promising and emotional video that hopes to connect with the viewer on their own emotional pain and offers a guaranteed path to acceptance and freedom.

Addiction Signs, Symptoms and Withdrawal Management

Debbie Hill, RN, CADC, uses her forty years of nursing experience in the substance abuse treatment field to bring insight into the signs and symptoms of addiction. Additionally, she describes what withdrawal looks like and management of withdrawal symptoms. This video is geared towards nurses, addiction counselors and other medical professionals.

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I would highly recommend Hill Recovery. As an adolescent I came in unwillingly, not wanting to be sober, and was in denial about having a problem and that I was just going through a "teenage phase." It sounds so cliche, but I really learned so much from this program and the peers around me.  

K.S. / 2016


Such a wonderful program. The staff is so positive, they always made me feel comfortable. 

Roberta M. / Patient

Roberta M.

It worked wonders for me. I am very happy with the program. God bless. Thank you all for everything.

Steven V. / Riverside, Ca

Steven V.