Meth Recovery Treatment

Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant often referred to as crank, speed or meth. Those who abuse it are called “tweakers” for their tendency towards unpredictable, impulsive, irrational behaviors that often include paranoia, agitation and insomnia.

depositphotos_30670855_originalMeth users are at risk for a myriad of health problems as the drug blocks the re-absorption of adrenaline in their brain. Using Meth is much like going out to a car, starting the engine, placing it in neutral and then revving the engine for three or four days. In the body, this often results in “speed bumps” (skin sores), rotting teeth, gastric problems, loss of weight and sometimes heart attacks or strokes.

Those under the influence will have dilated (enlarged) pupils or they may grind their teeth, stay up all night working on “projects” and eventually become delusional. Meth is highly addictive, as the user seeks to recreate the initial sense of power, energy, control and hyper sexuality from the first use. Ironically, with continued use, all these same sensations reverse and the addict is left hopeless and helpless. Meth makes you look old very quickly.

Although there is no “normal” withdrawal phase, meth users experience a profound sense of dysphoria and depression that usually drives their return to the meth in a futile attempt to feel “normal” again.

Normalcy returns only after a period of abstinence from the drug and concurrent release of repressed emotions. Being surrounded by others in recovery who can inspire the hope of a new life and the opportunity to feel love, joy and enthusiasm without a return to the meth.

The recovery rate for meth users, when provided with quality treatment services that address physical, psychiatric and spiritual issues, are as high as sixty percent. Without some form of therapeutic intervention, users spiral into legal, financial, health, job and always family problems.

Our recovery ranch provides a serene, safe place for users to reclaim their sense of self-worth, initiative and trust. Develop a peer support system that encourages recovery maintenance and an alternative to isolation and loneliness. The animals at the ranch, serve as a safe alternative to human contact. Most alcoholics and drug abusers feel better with animals than they do people. Bridging that gap is the outcome of the camaraderie created between all the residents, animals and humans.

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