Source Kansas Cafferty, LMFT:

If they are true to form sober living homes they will not be connected to a treatment program of any kind. The ones that are are not true sober living. They put up an outpatient center and use it as a hub for treatment. In effect this is a way for people to avoid the costly and difficult process of passing the licensing requirements for residential treatment. Sober living homes are protected by disability laws that are intended to protect peer to peer environment, not those in which professional services are occurring. The argument to be made, is if the “outpatient center” dictates who lives in the sober living, or how they are to conduct themselves in the sober living i.e. designs the interventions, including consequences for behavioral problems, then are they not providing treatment in these locations? Treatment which requires a state licensed facility. The best way to figure it out is to look at the staff section of their website. If they have a physician, therapists, counselors, etc (all licensed and certified professionals or paraprofessionals, then they are not sober living, they are a treatment center masquerading as a sober living home)

I am all for sober living homes. I am not for what is called Florida Model treatment centers which is a more accurate description of the problem occurring throughout southern california, but especially in Orange County. This sets up a dynamic where people with very little professional training, if any at all, can set themselves up to bill medical insurance for the services they provide in so called sober living homes. This actually amounts to insurance fraud if the “sober living” is included for “free”. It is not actually free. It is free to the consumer because the cost of a “non-medical” or “non-professional” service is being passed on to the insurance company. Many of them are also tied into laboratories where they send urine for big money. Sometimes referred to as the “golden stream,” because of the profits being made on it. Much of this is being done fraudulently. See United Healthcare v Sky Toxicology for a current case that has named several individuals and treatment centers in a multi million dollar suit. If the “sober living” home has a certification as a lab (Called CLIA) then is it not again providing a medical service that is not protected by disability laws that provide for sober living homes to exist?

What I am saying is that there is a lot of ready, FIRE, aim happening in these types of town halls. The blame gets put on sober living homes which most of these are not. Most sober living homes make a modest profit and are designed with the best interest of those they attend. They are not volume conveyer belts designed to kick through as many addicts as possible that have a PPO plan. The largest defining factor is this: If it is primarily being paid for by medical insurance, it is likely not sober living. If it is being paid for only out of pocket expense, it is much more likely a real sober living. In Orange County, you have an unlicensed treatment center problem, not a sober living problem. Id like to add that I also support licensed residential treatment centers. They are a completely different animal with different levels of accountability, structure, and service due to the laws they adhere to with the state to maintain their licenses.