National statistics tell us that 82% of kids will have used alcohol, or some other drug, prior to graduating from high school.  Upwards of fifteen percent will go on to experience a lifetime of problems related to their use of substances.

The question for all parents facing this situation is “In which category is my teen?”

Although there are no absolutes, the best indicators to answer this question are the following:

  1. Is there a significant family history of alcohol or drug abuse in the natural family?  The closer the history of abuse to the parents (especially the same sex parent) the greater the probability.  Addiction clearly has some basis in family history and genetics.
  1. Has your teen had any past negative consequences related to substance use with a return to the use again despite parental action and the pain of those consequences?  Examples would be school problems, negative attitude changes, legal or health problems, finding paraphernalia or relationship problems.
  1. Although this is not likely to be shared with a parent, does your teen express clearly the emotional benefits of their use of any psychoactive substance.   They like getting high!


If these examples are present, there is a very good chance that your adolescent may have a bio-chemical pre-disposition to addiction and it is imperative that you seek assistance ASAP.

There are many options for parents facing teen addiction, but they are often paralyzed by fear and disagreements between spouses regarding the best path to take.  A professional assessment can help parents de-polarize and find a common strategy that will help the entire family begin healing.

With twenty years of experience in this Valley, Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment is uniquely qualified to assess your situation and make appropriate referrals.  We have a list of other parents who have successfully navigated these problems and are highly motivated to share their experiences, feelings and results with you.

We have had tremendous success with specific wilderness programs, (followed by local support,) that have proven life changing for many families.

Let us help you and your teen set a new healthier course before it may be too late.  Call us for a no-obligation assessment.