Patient Brokers often recruits patients from out of state ad brings them to California where addicts can be signed up for private insurance policies on the Covered California exchange.

Some rehab facilities then pay the patient broker for finding those patients.  That means addicts go to the highest bidder, not necessarily the best facility for their need.

Facilities and/or patient broker may pay the insurance premiums for the addicts; some addicts don’t know they’re being signed up.  They may stay for a few weeks or months.  Treatment costs range $3000.00 per day or higher, plus thousands more for urine tests that are supposedly meant to ensure the patient is drug-free.  Tests are, typically, done every other day with “confirmatory” tests every third day, billed at $1200.00 per test.

After leaving treatment, addicts often go to sober living homes, which are not licensed or tracked by the state.  These homes have the same right to settle next door or down the block as any family under federal law, so long as they have no more than six beds.  Often these houses will house from ten to twenty patients while drug testing continues at same billing rate.