Ten Guarantees:

Addiction and its withdrawal create a paralyzing combination of shame and fear. These emotions feed the ever-present denial system that confuses family members or other loved ones.

Recognizing and reducing this fear and shame is of paramount concern for Hill Recovery. To that end we offer the following guarantees:

  1. Each patient will always be treated with respect and as an adult with a psycho-physiological disease from which they are recovering.
  2. Withdrawal from alcohol, opiates or benzodiazepines is not a race. Patient withdrawal will be accomplished in a manner that is safe and considers the individual patients unique tolerance for detox symptoms. State-of-the-art medications other therapeutic strategies will be used to minimize symptomology.
  3. Patients will be treated as adults and thoroughly involved in the creation of their own recovery plan. Staff experience and training will be used to insure the very best possible opportunity for a successful outcome.
  4. Individual spirituality will be honored and integrated into the recovery plan.
  5. Patients will require a setting that enhances feelings of safety, harmony, hope, and love.
  6. After thirty years refining addiction treatment, we have found that abstinence from alcohol constitutes about 5% of recovery. The remaining 95% consist of reconnecting with displaced emotions and self-worth. While alcohol & drug addicts may look pompous and self-assured, the reality is a very soft under-belly and a terror that others will discover the truth. Therein lays the power of our a loving staff and our support dogs. The vast majority of chemical dependents have an affinity for animals and a disdain for people. Our animals guarantee to provide unconditional love and acceptance. In the process, they teach the patients how to do the same.
  7. Referral and coordination with outside providers as needed to ensure the patient is treated comprehensively.
  8. Fair and ethical treatment including no kickbacks to referents or outside agencies, no insurance fraud, inducements, or surprise billing.
  9. Education and groups modified over thirty years to best reach the  “core” or root cause of the substance abuse so true, sustainable healing can begin.
  10. Family involvement, where appropriate, is very important to the Hill team. We believe addiction is a family disease, and the family system is affected, and therefore needs to be treated. Treatment includes a weekly family night component, as well as family conjoint sessions.