Treatment Facility

Greed, Corruption and Death

Inadequate Screening – Call Centers – Staffed by salespeople, trained to tell patients whatever will get them in the door.

  • We have Dr.’s and nurses on duty 24/7.
  • The beach is right outside the front door.
  • Don’t worry about the airfare, co-pay, or deductible, you have enough to worry about. (we really just want your urine)
  • How much is your child’s life worth?

Non-Medical Detox – An oxymoron licensure used by the California Department of Healthcare Services and other States

Detox is a Medical Procedure – Requiring specially trained medical staff knowledgeable of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), appropriate clinical screening for psychiatric, medical and withdrawal dangers

Types of Death in one CARF Accredited, State Licensed Facility

  • Suicides -2
  • Overdose – 3
  • Medical Complications – 3
  • Drowning – 1

Fraudulent Drug Testing

In Network Out of Network
TYPE 12 Substance w 99% accuracy.  Cost $7 paid by facility 12 Substance w 99% accuracy.

Cost to insurer: $1200-1400

FREQUENCY Weekly or as INDICATED clinically

Profit: $56 to provider

Every other day, twice every third day confirmatory

Profit: $26,400

IOP (3hr Group) $150 – $200: Family group, one on ones, one year aftercare Insurance Billed: $1200-$1400 per session
PHP (6 hr Groups) $300-$400: Physician visit, Meals, one on one, Family group Insurance Billed: $2000-$2500 per session