Dr. Horner, MD

Medical Director

Whether it’s long-term illnesses, cancer or immediate health concerns, families and individuals in the Inland Empire need a doctor that is familiar with their challenges and shares their goals. The I.E. is full of serious athletes and weekend warriors that could benefit from a physician that practices sports medicine.

David Horner, MD, in Temecula, California specializes in family practice. He works in the primary care setting, working with small children to the elderly, men’s and women’s health, and adolescents. He works in the hospital as an internist with acutely ill patients. He is a team physician, working with students at Palomar College and Temecula Preparatory High School, as well as, everyday athletes from all ages and walks of life.

After Receiving his undergraduate degree in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Arizona, Dr. Horner attended to his PhD studies in medical pharmacology, doing frontline molecular research in the fields of cardiac remodeling, pain modulation and cancer treatment. He did this all the while he, himself was being treated for cancer that very nearly took his life. Before graduating from the University of Arizona College of Medicine he finished his reconstructive surgeries and has remained cancer free to this day. After medical school, Dr. Horner trained in Internal Medicine for two years at Eastern Tennessee State University, before switching to Family Medicine at University of Arkansas Medical Science to widen his scope of practice and skill set. Upon graduation from residency, Dr. Horner was recruited by Temecula Valley Hospital to work with Dr. Jerry Hizon in Temecula where he now serves on the advisory council for the Temecula City Cancer Task force.

Dr. Horner is a San Diego native and has served a two-year mission for his church, becoming fluent in Spanish, which he uses in his clinic on a daily basis. He is a proud member of the AMA, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, and Riverside County Medical Association and California Medical Association. He has volunteered for numerous sporting events and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at UC Riverside.
When not working, Dr. Horner spends his time with his family, camping, hiking, skateboarding and surfing.


What patients say about Hill Recovery...

“Such a wonderful program. The staff is so positive, they always made me feel comfortable."

Roberta M. Patient

“It worked wonders for me. I am very happy with the program. God bless. Thank you all for everything.”

Steven V. Riverside

“I would highly recommend Hill Recovery. As an adolescent I cam in unwilling, not wanting to be sober, and was in denial about having a problem and that I was just going through a "teenage phase." It sounds so cliche, but I really learned so much from this program and the peers around me.”

K.S. Patient

“It works.” That is what you want to hear about Hill Recovery… That is what we all want to hear about Hill. What I have found is that Hill Recovery Works, as long as I am present and willing. Hill provides outstanding support, guidance and the tools (and how to use them) to the alcoholic or addict that is in treatment. Also sets forth the path for succeeding in recovery. Hill is much different than just treatment. I am currently at Hill Recovery a place where I feel cared for and happy. Actually, I also feel safe here. What may be counter intuitive is that I am bummed that I am leaving out patient. I’m done here, but the journey is just beginning. Thanks to the amazing staff, I have the confidence to do what I need to do to stay sober and I know if I have any doubts or challenges I can always stop by Hill, or just pick up the phone. My sincerest appreciation to you all---My wife thanks you also!

Dave F. Patient