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I was lucky enough to get Lindsey and Linda as my counselors. They were absolutely great. Always called to check on me and were there to talk and help. They shared their own experiences and were human, friends to a heroin addict. Everyone at Hill is that way. What other place can you call at midnight, which my wife did with me in withdrawal, and get the main guy, Rocky Hill, on the phone. She also got Debbie Hill on the phone at a time like that. It's because these people all truly care. If you need help, I Hope you find Hill because you'll get your life back. - Aden D.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my feelings for this gift that was born in the heart of one man and one woman to be of service to those who want to get on their personal journey of being the best they be. This gift I am speaking about has been titled Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment however it is very much more than a building with nice friendly people in it. Those who enter these doors with just one small open eye and one small warm spot in their heart will suddenly find themselves in an entirely new world unlike any experience they ever likely had, regardless of their sex, color, age, religion, etc. All are welcome with wide arms and warm hearts.

As if in direct answer to my desperate prayers, someone in my life recommended Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. Feeling defeated and totally incapable of ever regaining my footing in life, I called Hill and was greeted and welcomed very kindly by every member at ever level of staff. It is with a renewed sense of hope, determination, focus, and an arsenal of coping skills that I have regained a sense of who I am as a mother, a wife, and a resilient individual who has much to offer. I am incredibly grateful for the support and love that I have received from my group peers(all of whom I consider friends), and my wonderful counselors. - Erika  M.

D.E., November 1st

Following my medically necessary detox off alcohol, I entered Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment on July 31, 2018. The treatment program began the next day. My detox and this program was voluntary. I did both with an "All In" attitude. As the saying goes, you get out of something as much as you put in. That I did. But only because Hill Center was fully prepared for me, and anyone, to provide everything needed for a comprehensive and successful treatment program. From top to bottom, from medical to psychiatric, to peer groups, to one-on-ones, to AA, referrals, relapse prevention and if needed relapse recovery, Hill Center has it all and its highly educated and experienced staff provides it all. All you need to do is be present and be "all in." I was. And on October 15, 2018, 76 days later, I "coined out" with all the tools needed to lead a life of sobriety, and to do so until my end day. ~D.E.~


Hill Recovery is recognized for operating an exemplary recovery program which combines the latest medical interventions with effective group treatment. Hill continually demonstrates our commitment to quality through excellent routine audit scores & your pursuit of CARF accreditation.


Hill Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

We are proud to display this International award recognizing Debbie Hill, owner of Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment, as a leader and top nurse in the healthcare field.


Hill Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Special community service recognition award for years of dedication that has changed the lives of many in a dramatic way.


Deborah Hill, Director of Nursing
2015 Outstanding Clinician Addiction Professional

Addiction Professional's Outstanding Clinicians Awards honors clinical professionals who demonstrate a commitment to informed practice and who never waver from a focus on the individual patient.


Hill Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center community educational recognition empowering nursing students to deliver culturally diverse mental health care to promote wellness to the community in a positive innovative learning environment.


Rocky and Deb Hill were recognized by the city of Temecula with a proclamation creating June 30, 2012 as Debbie and Rocky Hill Day. They are the founders of the Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. READ ARTICLE HERE