Substance Abuse Intervention

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Intervention

A drug and alcohol intervention is a strategic cooperation, between those who care for an addict with the singular goal of getting the substance abuser to enter a residential treatment facility. It is not the arena to work out issues between family members or to address anyone else’s dysfunctions. It is the interventionist’s job to keep the task focused on the goal while helping members resolve the inevitable feelings of betrayal, anger, fear and hopelessness.

Having provided intervention strategies across the country since 1982, I have seen the many ways intervention procedures can go “south” and felt the incredible fear and courage it takes for a family to support one another through the predictable stages of intervention preparation.

Many people, by now, have seen the television show Intervention and been exposed to the basic concept of mobilizing the family to raise the addict / alcoholic’s “bottom”. While the show often reflects the highlights of an intervention, it is unable to capture the time, effort and emotional energy required to prepare for the actual confrontation.ugh the predictable stages of intervention preparation.

Interventions vary greatly in price from $2,000.00 to $15,000.00. For an experienced interventionist, the base price should not exceed $2500.00 with expenses added onto that figure.

Cost of our intervention evaluation is $2500.00 plus expenses.